Friday, 19 February 2016

Top tips for maintaining your appliances

Top tips for maintaining your appliances

Appliances can last a surprisingly long time provided they are regularly maintained and proper care is taken to prevent damage, the following recommendations will help you to ensure that they continue to be as useful as possible during their lifetimes, and may prolong their life:

  1. Clean refrigerator/freezer coils: Clearing dust and debris from the coils and fans located on the back of fridges and freezers will reduce stress on the motor, reducing the likelihood of it burning out and rendering your appliance unusable.
  2. Keep your washing machine door open: When not in use, leave the washing machine door open. This helps to discourage mould and mildew, which can render your machine unhygienic and unusable.
  3. Deodorise your dishwasher: To kill off unwanted bacteria and the unpleasant smells they cause, run a hot empty cycle with a bowl of white vinegar or dishwasher cleaner on the top shelf.
  4. Run a hot wash at least once a month: Run a wash between 60-90 degrees either empty or to sanitise dirty dish towels and cloths to keep your machine odour free. If you choose to run your washing machine empty, we recommend adding a cup of white vinegar to help break down limescale and detergent build-up.
  5. Convince your tenants: It can be hard to encourage tenants to follow best-care practices – but they are more likely to take care of one of our high-end appliances than a low-end model (and these tend to outlast their cheaper counterparts, too).
Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance and care, appliances can break unexpectedly and leave your tenants stuck – but don'y worry – our complete appliance delivery service can help. We stock a wide selection of value appliances perfect for tenanted properties, and with our FREE key collection service, your appliances can be ready to use without needing you to take time out of your schedule.

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