Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Berkeley Foundation's Dragon Boat Race

UPDATE: While we didn't win this year, we still had a fantastic time - well done to everyone who took part! The weather was absolutely perfect, and it seems like each year the event gets better.

For those who missed out, the following picture of the race against the backdrop of Berkeley Homes' Woodberry Park development (which we're proud to be working on!) should give you a good idea of its scale. 

We're happy to have had so much fun while contributing to a fantastic cause, and would definitely recommend supporting the work that the Berkeley Foundation do in our local community in any way you can - whether financially, or through volunteering. 

Very much looking forward to next year!

Picture courtesy of Richard Beltrán (@RichardBeltran7)

We're supporting this year's Berkeley Foundation dragon boat race on Thursday, 11th June at the West Reservoir Centre in Hackney.

The Berkeley Foundation's first charity dragon boat race was held in in 2012, and each year since the event has attracted upwards of 400 racers, a large crowd and a huge number of donations - totalling £47,000 last year alone. 10 of the David Phillips team will be manning one boat in this year's event, with others taking part in celebrations, cheering on all of the racers on the water over the course of the day from the banks.

The day-long event is designed to raise money to help young people, their families and their communities in and around London, and normally includes not only the much anticipated race, but performances, an auction, and last year a Chinese lion dancing show and a barbecue as well!

The primary focus of the Berkeley Foundation and the event is to help those in need to find housing, jobs and support to give them a greater quality of life; a noble cause that we're excited to support as we work together to give back to our community.

Today, dragon boat racing is the fastest growing water sport in England, a surprising jump for an activity with origins in Chinese traditions almost 20 centuries old. While dragon boats have been raced since at around 500BCE, in England the races resemble more traditional western boat racing with teams consisting of either 10 or 18 rowers, a helm and a drummer.

You can expect to see up to 32 different crews involved in this year's race, each eager to beat the competition and complete the 200m race in the fastest time. Last year's event was brilliant fun and raised a huge amount of money for a great cause, and we're expecting to see a lot of support on the banks of the reservoir this Thursday - and for those less interested in the racing, you're sure to find something to enjoy with a magician, a live band and a barbecue for all to enjoy!

This year's goal is to raise £45,000 for charity, and if the trend from past races continues we can expect to see this beaten in no time. For more information and to find out more about the work performed by the Berkeley Foundation, visit their website.