Thursday, 11 December 2014

Douglas & Gordon's Christmas Decoration Project

Providing mini home renovations to less fortunate children over the Christmas period.

The end of each year brings with it a number of opportunities to give back to the community, and throughout December we've been working to help a number of fantastic causes, including Douglas & Gordon's Christmas Decoration Project.
London estate agent Douglas & Gordon is helping to make a difference within the city this winter with their Christmas Decoration Project. Working with the charity Kids Company, this intervention programme has been designed to provide much needed mini home renovations for young people living in unfavourable circumstances.
The project is being organised in partnership with Kids Company, who reach over 36,000 children and young people every year - including many of the most deprived and at risk, whose parents are unable to care for them due to their own practical and emotional challenges. The project aims to help these children by improving living conditions to provide them with a better sense of dignity and wellbeing.

Project Background

Douglas & Gordon have a longstanding relationship with Kids Company, and the two have worked together for four years to help children in Britain's Cities receive a higher standard of living. This year's project however goes beyond simply raising funds for the charity, and instead hopes to directly improve the lives of the less fortunate. Tyrena Dangerfield of Douglas & Gordon took some time to provide background on the project that she has helped to organise over the past year:
"Back in the Spring we approached Kids Company and decided to take on three Christmas decoration projects. With teams from Douglas & Gordon, suppliers, and removers kindly donating their time, all three projects were completed over two days in the first week of December. Many suppliers, including David Phillips, were incredibly generous with time and items.
Overall this year's project put us back in touch with why we support Kids Company and seeing how some kids live here in the Capital was shocking and humbling. To help them, particularly by supporting Kids Company, was a privilege we hope to be repeating next year."
Each of the Projects involved a mini-renovation - deep cleaning & decluttering, painting & hanging wallpaper, providing furniture, and performing general repairs & maintenance. The end goal was to not only provide a home where children can enjoy Christmas, but one that will meet their needs throughout the year and beyond.

Our Involvement

Upon hearing about the project, Richard Beltrán, Director of Residential Agency, and Briony Everett, Rental Sales Consultant at David Phillips decided that our Company's expertise could go a long way towards helping this cause. Having worked with Douglas & Gordon a number of times in the past, both felt that we were more than able to provide a helping hand - and Briony tasked herself with finding out how we could be of service:
"Having learned how some children within the City live their day to day lives, we felt that there was no way we could ignore the work being done by Douglas & Gordon and Kids Company this Christmas - when we heard about the project we wanted to find out how we could get involved.
Sadly we couldn't offer our complete range of services to the project - as much as we wanted to - due to the sensitive nature of the locations, but we were able to provide as much furniture as we had available in hopes of improving the quality of life for these children."
Each of the homes required refurnishing to replace items that through time and use had become worn and unusable - or were simply not present. Richard shared his thoughts after having been involved in the project:
"As a company we create beautiful homes for some of the world's most affluent individuals, and it is all too easy to forget that there are vulnerable children in our local neighbourhoods who find themselves without the home comforts we take for granted. Often these children sleep on sofas and beds shared with parents and siblings, or in the case of one family we saw this week - the bare floor.
This video by Kids Company is not far from the reality faced by the 3 families prior to the home renovations. I feel proud to have been involved with this project, but saddened by the fact that in the UK there remains an estimated 4,000 vulnerable children in need of help."
More Information
Renovations began on the 4th of December, and finished in time for Christmas. We're happy to have had the opportunity to take part in such a great project, and hope that our involvement along with the hard work of Douglas & Gordon, Kids Company, and other suppliers, will help to change the lives of less fortunate children this Christmas.
While the project is now underway, Douglas & Gordon's JustGiving page is still accepting donations. If you'd like to donate, please follow this link:
For more information on this project, please visit: