Wednesday, 30 April 2014

British springtime is finally back

And that means it’s time to add a ‘ray of sunshine’ to your property

Home Staging brings a property to life, enabling buyers to imagine living there. Now that it’s springtime, we’ve been adding a ‘ray of sunshine’ to our schemes to help properties stand out from the crowd. Furniture can be made to look and feel seasonal simply by changing the accessories. Out go the warm velvets, burnt oranges and woolen throws – and in come the bright colours and florals.

You can view a couple of our seasonal installations below, which include a penthouse apartment at a newly redeveloped period mansion house in St Johns Wood, and an apartment at a development on Pilgrims Lane in Hampstead.

We divided the open-plan space into a formal living area, a ‘snug’ area, and a dining
area. To maintain the continuity of the room, we kept the blues flowing through the
space and introduced only soft hints of oranges and yellows.


The floral cushions match the stone
headboard to add a subtle touch of spring
with the right balance of masculine
and feminine.
We like to use all of the colours you see outside that make people smile and feel happy, so the blue skies, the green grass, and the bright pastel flowers. Some worry that too much colour can look a little childish, but when combined with neutral furniture it works perfectly.

Soft furnishings

Throws are too warm for summer so much of the focus is on cushions. We recently ordered lots of new cushions in bright colours and fun patterns – florals, geometrics, and stripes in bright reds, yellows, oranges, blues, and lilacs. Cushions can be really arty this time of year, in brightly coloured abstract patterns or subtle florals.

We introduced fresh flowers
sparsely throughout the property,
an elegant combination of greens
and whites.

Bring the outside in

During a period of the year when people like to be outdoors it is important to bring the outside in. A good flower arrangement will do just that. At the moment, we’re experimenting with a contrast of whites and greens for a fresh, elegant look. We’re also using scented candles, water lily floral candles and Jo Malone Orange Blossom for luxury schemes.

Wall paintings

To complement soft furnishings, we’re using large canvas paintings in abstract patterns and bright floral colours. You would be amazed to see the difference it makes to the scheme; it really ties everything together.

Tailor the finish

We colour coordinated the canvas paintings
on the wall with the cushions on the sofas to
draw the buyer’s eye around the room.
In all our schemes, we use different accessories to ensure no two properties are the same. But, we also select items that best accentuate the characteristics of the property. For instance, greater use of florals might work best for homes with gardens, while geometric patterns will suit your modern city centre apartment.

We love this time of year because it lets us have fun with accessories. Spring is a popular time of year for people to house hunt and we want to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Call us for a consultation. We look forward to helping you with your requirements.

If you would like to enquire about Home Staging, please contact our Rental team on 0845 685 0477 or email us at

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